Fundamental Elements of Modern Home Interior Design

If you want a house with chic, clean lines and a fresh, updated feel, you will probably enjoy the look of an ultra-modern home interior design. The primary benefit of this type of design is that it offers a wide variety of choices when it comes to colors, fabrics and decorations that you can use, making it easy for you to come up with an overall look that is truly your own.

The trademark look of modern home interior design is that of class and elegance without the frills and extravagance that designs of previous decades are known for. On the contrary, the furniture and architecture used in modern home interior design are very simple, to the point of being quite minimalist. The colors are very solid as well, and the shapes are mostly geometrical. Intricate designs and lavishly ornamental pieces are very rarely, if ever, found in modern home interior design.

A Contemporary Look

Most of the appliances and furniture used in modern design are made from a combination of stainless steel, glass, plastic and leather, making for a very contemporary look. However, wood elements are also a nice addition to any modern room. The rich, dark tones of walnut and mahogany can soften the atmosphere in the area and they complement the coldness of metal and other modern materials.

Speaking of metal, no modern home interior design is complete without its share of metallic elements. Stainless steel in undoubtedly the most popular choice today, perhaps because of the relatively low cost, but there are also other metals that work effectively in a modern environment. Brushed nickel cabinet handles and chrome floor lamps for instance, are always excellent highlights. In general, any metal that is sleek and shiny will be a perfect fit in any modern home.

Modern Theme Color

Color is another important factor that one should consider when designing a room or a home with a modern theme. A lot of people think that neutral colors are the best choice when it comes to modern design, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. You can stick with a beige or gray wall but you can offset the coldness of this hue by bringing in a deep red couch or adding royal blue drapes to your windows. These colors will not take away from the modern look of the room at all, but they can certainly add much-needed drama to the area.

The best thing about modern home interior design is that it is so easy to maintain and so comfortable to live in. This is probably the reason why millions of people prefer this kind of design today.

Interior Design Ideas: Windows With Style

When it comes to interior design ideas, windows are one of the favourite pieces that many people love to concentrate on for home décor. To learn about the modern and popular choices for stylish windows, consider some of the following common points that all top decorators include in their décor:


With the number of different fabric blends available today, there are endless possibilities for beautiful and unique windows to add style to a room. Choose from a wide array of natural fabrics like cotton, silk, linen and even wool or from any number of the synthetic blends that are popular today.

Heavy Opaque

In some interior design ideas, windows play a big role in a room. Sometimes the windows can be the focal point or simply work to create an ideal environment for the person living or working in it. By using heavy opaque window treatments, it’s possible to block out unwanted light, dull noise from outside and even create a bold yet calm atmosphere.

Light Sheer

Most of the interior design ideas for windows, especially whimsical and modern styles will include light sheer treatments. Sheer curtains, blinds and shades offer a beautiful filtered light that softens the room, giving it a warm serene feel to it. Combine several layers of sheers in different colours for a fun subdued addition of colour.

Natural Materials

When considering modern interior design ideas, windows are the pieces that bring nature into the home from sunlight and views from the outdoors. This is one of the main reasons many people love to use natural materials for their window treatments and also as a way to tie in a natural feel indoors.


Wood is one of the top choices for blinds since they offer a strong look with a warm natural charm. Wood can be included as the main window treatment or even as accessories for other window styles. There is much flexibility to match wood into décor since there are endless shades and colours available.


When it comes to ethnic and modern interior design ideas, windows with bamboo coverings are usually at the top of the list. Bamboo is a beautiful versatile material that suits many different home décor styles, especially those with an Asian feel to them.

Colours and Patterns

Using colours and patterns for windows is a great way to make a plain room vibrant. Change the look and feel of any space by adding shades, curtains or accessories in a bold colour or design.

Contrasting Colours

Some of the top interior design ideas for windows will have a beautiful mix of contrasting colours. Whether it’s in a pattern or from window treatment combination’s, contrasting colours offer a bold statement in any room.

Bold Patterns

Along with contrasting colours, bold patterns are another way to make a big statement in a home. This is especially striking when decorating large windows in a room. Though it will certainly have a bright fun look to it, it’s also important not to make it overpowering or else the rest of the room may seem lost.

Bold patterns are also a wonderful way to bring attention to smaller windows in a room, especially when curtains are drawn back to form a lovely frame, showing the views from outside.

Tone on Tone

Many classic and sophisticated interior design ideas for windows will include subdued class and style, especially with the addition of tone on tone styles. Choose fun patterns without showing them in a bold manner. This style works beautifully with paisley prints, polka dots, floral patterns and more.

Contemporary Interior Design Ideas For A Small Apartment

If you have recently moved into a small apartment, and would like to create a living space that is attractive, original, and interesting, it can be worth researching contemporary interior design ideas. Often described as being clean-lined, this modern style places an emphasis on function at the detriment of excessive ornamentation.

Though detractors claim that contemporary interior design approaches are too clinical or cold, this does not always have to be the case. A well thought out plan can create a home that offers a feeling of comfort and peace. If you hate the thought of clutter, the contemporary style may be right up your alley.

Most interior designers who specialize in contemporary styles have a tendency to use a lot of black and white in their work, but it is also possible to leverage neutral tones and accentuate features to create an attractive and welcoming ambiance. For instance, large and bold color blocks set against a neutral background can be used.

In some ways, contemporary interior decor emphasizes the architectural structure of a property, focusing attention on to the shapes of windows, walls, and doors. Many interior designers who specialize in this style suggest that windows should not be adorned at all, but this can create an issue relating to privacy, especially if you have a ground floor apartment. If you are concerned about people gazing in through your windows, you should consider installing bamboo blinds, these can work well against the minimalist decor.

Texture is an important element in this type of design style, if texture was not used in the right way, your apartment may feel boring and two dimensional. If there is an excessive amount of flat surfaces, well placed accessories, such as a jute rug or a smile vase, can offer visual relief. Wood, glass, and metal accessories work best in this type of setting.

Sleek and obvious lines are an essential component of this type of decor. When choosing furnishings, it is worth seeking out those products that are clean lined, do not go for designs that are curved as this is indicative of a more classical or traditional style.

Contemporary interior decor works best in modern homes such as apartments and lofts. In older buildings you should think long and hard about whether this style will work. The context is important, try and opt for a design that suits the architecture of your property.