Interior Design News

Interior Design News:

The kids are heading back to school and the weather is getting a little chillier. Now is the time to start preparing for the long seasons indoors by sprucing up your living space with fall inspired interior design ideas.

Back to Basics:

The most affordable way to update your home to reflect the change in seasons is to start with a neutral palette. Last year’s emphasis on grey as the new neutral will carry into this fall, and it’s a great choice for paint, window fashions and ceramic tile. Balancing the cool grey tones with a darker hardwood floor creates a nice contrast without being too dramatic.

Over top of this neutral palette you can then add splashes of color throughout your home using art, pillows, artificial flowers and other accessories such as candles.

If you’re just finishing up your summer renovations and are now at the interior design phase, why not be inspired by some of the fall trends?

Design Trends: textures

Fall brings to mind a certain coziness, which is reflected in fall’s interior design by emphasizing and mixing up different textures to create a warm and cozy interior.

Ceramic tile is a fabulous way to create texture on unexpected surfaces like feature walls; adjacent to a sumptuous suede window treatment it adds depth and warmth. Add in a modern stainless steel lighting fixture for a cutting edge look, or a colored chandelier for a more eclectic feel.

Leather and leather look flooring is also becoming increasingly popular as it’s luxe look cannot be reproduced with any other material. Surprisingly durable, leather and leather look flooring is a great way to add warmth and coziness to almost any room.

Layering dissimilar fabrics in your window treatments is also a great way to achieve that cozy, textured feel; and will keep you warm as winter slowly approaches.

For those on a budget, simply adding a great throw rug, colored couch pillows or fuzzy blanket can enhance the cozy factor and warmth of your main living space.

Fall interior design trends: colors

The traditional color schemes of earthy browns, oranges and mustard yellows are back again this year, but for the more modern interior design certainly consider the rich gemstone blues and purples which look fabulous on a neutral palette.

Fall interior design trends: going green

Though it’s certainly not a new trend, factoring in the energy efficiency of any of your interior design choices can deliver substantial savings. In preparation for the colder winters, look into reducing your home’s heat loss through windows by replacing outdated window fashions with insulated window coverings. Replacing your incandescent bulbs with energy efficient lighting for those darker winter days can also save substantial sums on heating costs.

Implementing a combination of dramatic textures, fall inspired colors and energy efficient home products to your interior design project will have your home up to date with the latest in interior design trends for fall.

Simple Interior Design Tips

In the past decorating your home was the job of a professional. However due to the new trends more and more homeowners are making a go of it themselves. As a result of this trend and numerous TV, radio and magazines featuring interior design most people are much more skilled than in the past.

Decorating your home need not be expensive and you should not doubt your ability for art and flair! You can have fun and save a lot of money at the same time. No real training is needed, just some common sense and you won’t need to hire a pro to come to your home.

Just keep everything simple. This is how most successful interior designers do well. Many people just throw too much stuff in when doing their own home designs. An elegant and beautiful room often is sparse of objects.

Remember that function is more important than anything and when designing a home ask yourself “Is this useful?”. If not consider removing it.

It’s not difficult to make your home beautiful, one you get going you won’t be able to stop and you will make your home customized ti suit your every need. Plus you will save loads of money doing so.

Here are some tips to get you going

  1. Comb through your home and get rid of anything that is of no use. Sell or give it away. This includes large furniture and useless non sentimental knickknacks.
  2. Store all your seasonal gear in secure boxes out of site. You don’t need winter jackets clogging up your hallway in the summer!
  3. Consider getting smaller furniture to replace the big stuff.
  4. Remember the times and keep things modern. 1970′s design feels dusty and old so you may want to get rid of all old items.
  5. Consider putting carpet into rooms you relax in. It makes things feel much more snug and homely but can still be clean and modern.
  6. Make sure light spreads to all corners of your home, especially the kitchen. Install more energy efficient lighting if needs be.
  7. Keep the bathroom as simple as humanly possible.This will help you keep it germ and dirt free.
  8. Consider adding fixtures to your home to add nice details, such as modern fireplaces and modern racks to hang kitchen utensils.

These are just a few simple tips but there is so much more that you can do. Use your imagination and ask your friends and family for help too.

Is an Online Interior Design School the Way to Earn an Interior Design Degree?

Many students choose to attend an online interior design school rather than attend classes in person due to commitments such as a job or family situations. This type of education allows the students from all geographical areas to earn a degree on their own time. It is becoming a popular choice among mature students; people who joined the work force right out of high school.

In 2004 in the US, there were approximately 65,000 interior designers according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. The interior design industry will continue to see growth at a rate of approximately nine to seventeen percent over the next ten years. Interior design is an extremely competitive profession. This, it is important to obtain the proper education, whether it is from attending school in person or an online interior design school. Either way, you may not have to travel far to find an excellent art school offering an Interior Design Degree.

If you are creative and have a flair for decorating then it is possible that you would enjoy and excel as an interior designer. Another statistic indicates that approximately thirty percent of interior designers are self-employed. If you cannot find the specific design firm that meets your requirements then try taking on some clients of your own.

At an online interior design school students will learn the same concepts as their studio attending brethren. There are many areas of interior design that students can become specialized. Here are a few but certainly not all areas:

o Corporate/Office Design

o Bathroom Design

o Health Care Design

o Feng Shui Design

o Exhibit Design

o Green Interior Design

o Modern Interior Design

o Hotel Interior Design

o Residential Interior Design

o Set Design

o Zen Interior Design

Once you have obtained your online interior design degree you must decide whether to work for your self or work for a design firm. With a large design firm you will likely have the resources for quite a comfortable work environment and plus state of the art equipment. If you are just starting out on your own, you most likely will not have the resources that a design firm can offer. Working for your self may mean many long hours, while working for a large design firm may mean hours that are more set. Being self-employed means you will have to find your clients, whereas with a large firm most of the clients are passed on to you.

Many Interior Designers have used online interior design school to obtain an interior design degree to get their design career started. Once your career starts to progress you may find a particular area of design that interests you the must. Alternatively, you may find an area of design that is more profitable or you may just be a better designer in a particular design field. If your specialty is colors and fabrics maybe, you would rather focus on interior decorating instead and leave the technical aspects of interior design to someone else.